NFPA Standard Allowed at Test
March 5, 2015
During the meeting of the Florida Fire Safety Board on 3/3/2015, the board discussed the NFPA 10 standard being allowed in the room during the testing process (NFPA 10, 2010 edition Section  The unanimous board recommendation to the State Fire Marshal is to comply with the adopted standard (2010 edition of NFPA 10) and allow the standard to be present during the exam.
Keith McCarthy from the State Fire Marshal's Office is sending Pearson Vue (the test provider) a letter today informing them to allow NFPA 10, 2010 edition, into the testing facilities for anyone taking the portable license or permit exam effective Thursday March 5, 2015. 
Currently there is no plan to allow any standards/reference material in for the pre-engineered exams.